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My Girl (2020) Episode 12 English Subbed

My Girl (2020)

When Meng Hui was a child, she was accidentally injured by Shen Yi, leaving a scar on her face and causing her a delusional disorder. Shen Yi escaped responsibility because of his young age, but both of them grew up with their own respective "scars."

One day, they came across each other again when Meng Hui, now a makeup artist, meets Shen Yi whom she thought was a junior staff of the cosmetics company LS, but in reality, is the president of the company. Unexpectedly provoked by something, Meng Hui suddenly declares herself as the president's girlfriend due to a delusional attack caused by her disorder. In order to get the formula of her self-made foundation liquid, Shen Yi pretends to be her boyfriend. Regardless of the roles Meng Hui wants to become, Shen Yi will not give up trying to cooperate. When Meng Hui learned that he was the one who injured her long ago, how should the wounds between them be healed?

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